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    Joe Horneck for Mississauga Ward 62022-10-17T10:07:31-04:00
    Joe Horneck - ndidate for Mississauga City Council


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    for Hardworking, Respectable
    Ward 6 Leadership

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    Hi, I’m Joe and I’m excited to share with you that I’m running in my home Ward 6 for Mississauga City Council.

    Like many others from across nada and around the world, my wife Laura and I chose Mississauga as the ideal place to raise our young family. I’m passionate about ensuring we have excellent libraries, parks and municipal services delivered in a way that is affordable to residents.

    I invite you to contact me through email and/or social media. I want to hear what’s important to you and how we n make Mississauga and Ward 6 an even better community.

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    Election Day
    Monday, October 24

    10am to 8pm

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